How A Real-Life Photographer Added Real Estate Video Services With Absolutely No Video Editing Experience?

Andrew Lampman, one of the photographers who uses our photography marketing platform contacted me just 6 months ago when he saw we were offering real estate video editing services and asked, "how could I add real estate videos to my business". He already employed a couple of real estate photographers and offered agents 3D Matterport virtual tours, single property websites and professional photography services. But he said he was losing clients to other competitors because they offered real estate videos.

I really wanted to help Andrew out because he did quite a bit of work with us, and I wanted him to get these clients back and grow his business with adding real estate videos. I personally took the time to research the internet for good information I could give him on "How To Shoot Real Estate Videos?

We searched the internet and found some great videos and information that showed Andrew exactly what equipment to get, how to set his camera up, best gimbal and drone movements professional videographers use, and samples of videos shot by successful real estate video companies.

You can have access to the same videos and information we gave Andrew to get started with video below

We went one step further and built Andrew a website that would showcase all his services as a one stop shop for agents to market their listings.

The Secret Ingredient for Your Success Is Our Video Editing Service!

Every real estate photographer/videographer knows that the job is not done with just going to the listing and taking all the video clips, photos, aerial photos and drone footage.

The real work starts when you get home from a long day shooting. If you want your videos to look professional, it happens in post-production editing. This is where the magic happens, and you put it all together. We created our exclusive video editing service because some of our photographers that used our platform knew we already had been providing them panoramic stitching services, social media services and website design services and asked us if we could possibly provide them with video editing services.

We worked closely with 3 of our top real estate photographers that offered video service to create what is now known as and it is integrated into our myvisaullistings photography platform where we offer a FREE Single Property Website with every video editing order!

If you just want the video editing service, no problem. You can order directly on

We spent months to get our ordering process, revision service and editing service to what it is today. Here is a recent video job sample of the actual order and the finished video done by our professional editing team...

Example - Finished Video


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