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Video Editing Services

Our Video Editing Process Is Easy As 1-2-3

Take Video Clips

Take short video clips. You don't want to induce boredom with long clips or long videos. We accept short aerial video clips as well. We recommend shooting in 1080p @ 60fps vs 4K @ 60fps. Most viewers watching these videos will be on their cell phone or may not have 4K viewing capabilities so please keep that in mind as there is no need to shoot in 4K. Every videographer has their own shooting techniques and niche ideas and our job is to put all your shots together to create an amazing and engaging finished product. We accept all video files, logos, watermarks and drone footage.

Send To Us

Our ordering process has been developed and streamlined to make it very simple for you to send us your files and editing instructions. We include royalty free music tracks for you to choose or you can include your own in your final link to your files. Please send us final video clips in 60fps so our editors have the capability to slow them down and smooth them out. You can use any cloud storage of your choice but prefer either Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Final Editing And Production

All videos will be delivered lightning fast!

Our turnaround times are usually within 12-24 hrs. This will help you retain more agent clients and shoot more listing videos. We will deliver a professionally finished video and we include animated address intros, take action animated outros, royalty free music that syncs to your video clips, camera shake removal, color correction, nice transitions, logo watermarks and even up to 3 text sub-title layovers.


Real example of a dropbox link that was sent to us to create the finished real estate video.

Actual DropBox Link Submitted For Editing:

Our Editors Work Their Magic!

The Finished Video

What You Need To Know?

How Long Should A Real Estate Video Be?

With real estate listing videos, you want to entice the viewer and make them interested in this specific property. This is very similar to a TV commercial. A good videographer will create short video clips to showcase the home as a walk-through with a music track that syncs the visual content directly to the sound to create a soothing experience. With many years of experience and feedback to back it up, we believe that most listing videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length.

We Implement Your Video Style

We want to create your videos the way YOU want. You may want a certain look of all your intros. You may like slow motion through-out your videos. We work separately with each client to make sure we get it right.

Yes We Do Add & Edit Aerial Footage!

We do not charge any extra for editing aerial drone footage. We want you to make as much revenue per visit to a listing as possible and adding aerial footage to your listing videos will increase your bottom line. We will accept longer aerial video, but the length of these clips will be included to your video's final time for pricing. We will cut parts of your aerial footage to make your video look better and save you processing fees but to save money on editing please keep each aerial clip as short as possible.

We Provide Royalty Free Background Music With Every Finished Video!

You can add your own music track if you want or we will give you the option to choose one of our royalty free music tracks in the order process. We will sync the video clips you submit to the music track you choose. Background music makes a big difference to every listing video. We will also lower the background music if you submit any audio clips.

We Will Add Your Agent Or Brokerage Logo As Watermark

Our video editors will add any logo you send us. This is a great new feature that will help brand your videos to yourself and your brand. This is so simple to add in our order form.

You Can Add Up To 3 Text Layovers For Free!

This is a great feature and we allow you to add text layovers on up to 3 video clips for free. Obviously, this takes our editors more time so we have to limit the amount of text we can add to your videos for free. If you want to add more text to your video, no problem. We only charge $2 for each additional text layover on a video clip.

Video Editing Package

Our editing company was created by professional videographers to offer a quality finished real estate
listing video at a very affordable price.

One Price Fits All


  • 1-5 Min Finished Video
  • Remove Camera Shake ( Depends On Footage Sent )
  • Aerial Footage Editing
  • Address Intro Included
  • Royalty Free Music Track
  • Sync Video Music
  • Logo Watermarks
  • Color Correction
  • Dynamic Video Transitions
  • Add Subtitles (Up To 3-Clips Free)
  • Free Agent Outros - COMING SOON
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